Our Purpose

The Association of Christian Faithful (ACF) was created to preserve Visitation’s Catholic and Salesian spirit

The ACF ensures that the Sisters’ spirit of Living Jesus, received from our founders, St. Francis de Sales and St. Jane de Chantal, remains the foundation of Visitation Academy and our Visitation community. It is important to remember that every Catholic school is required to be sponsored by a Church recognized body – a diocese, a religious order or a public ACF.

With the Sisters, the ACF is approved to serve as the religious sponsor of the school. As sponsors, we guarantee that Viz remains both Catholic and a place where our life of Salesian gentleness continues to blend with academic excellence to make the school unique.

At its core, St. Louis Visitation ACF has the responsibility to secure the heart-to-heart connection that mirrors Mary’s greeting to Elizabeth and is the essence of Visitation.

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Who We Are and What We Do

The Visitation Association of Christian Faithful members, in collaboration with the Sisters, keep Visitation’s spirit and mission alive and growing into the future. All Visitation Association of Christian Faithful members are practicing Catholics in full communion with the Church, have prior affiliation with the Visitation community, and commit to ongoing participation in Catholic and Salesian formation. Our life-long dedication to Catholic and Visitation Salesian formation is the heart of how we build community with each other and enrich our understanding of the Sisters’ mission. We provide Catholic sponsorship with the Sisters for the Academy as well as spiritual enrichment and support for the Visitation community. Click here for more information.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve side-by-side with the Visitation Sisters to preserve and promote our Catholic Salesian mission of “Living Jesus” into the future.

Commitment Promise

We Dedicate

ourselves to ongoing and in-depth Salesian study so that we may understand the charism and embody the teachings of St. Jane and St. Francis in our relationships with all our Visitation family.

We Make

a deep commitment to a life of love and prayer in the spirit of St. Francis de Sales and St. Jane de Chantal by serving God and our neighbor in humility, gentleness and liberty of spirit as Mary did at the Visitation.

We Embrace

the life-long study of Salesian spirituality in order to continue the Sisters’ ministry in the school and the wider community, including serving as Catholic sponsor of Visitation Academy.