“True progress quietly and persistently moves along without notice.”
– St. Francis de Sales

Strategic Plan

The Association of Christian Faithful aims …. To keep our Catholic Salesian Spirituality of Living Jesus alive and vibrant in the Visitation community for generations to come through sponsorship, collaboration and spiritual enrichment.

Core Values:

  • Salesian spirituality is the critical component that makes Visitation unique and bonds the community
  • The laity are called to fulfill their baptismal promises to serve the Church
  • A commitment to service is an obligation taken seriously
  • Relationships are at the heart of Salesian spirituality
  • Living with a spirit of humility towards God and gentleness towards neighbor is central to living a Salesian lifestyle
  • Living Jesus requires surrendering one’s heart and every action to reflecting the life of Jesus
  • All are called and worthy of God’s love in any life situation
  • Prayer draws us into relationship with God heart-to-heart
  • Salesian spirituality must be actively lived through study and practice to keep the Charism alive

Primary Goal: Ensure our Catholic and Salesian spirituality remains the foundation of Visitation Academy and Community

  1. The Association of Christian Faithful (ACF), as the Co-Sponsors of the Academy, will work in tandem to continually articulate the reciprocal relationship between the Catholic sponsor and Visitation Academy.
  2. The ACF work will continuously focus on the sustainability of the Visitation Salesian Charism at Visitation Academy.
  3. The Sponsors of the Visitation Academy of St. Louis will focus on their long-term financial stability.
  4. The ACF sustainability as the Sponsoring body will be a continual focus of the work of the organization.


  1. Sponsorship: Participate in a governance structure that preserves and promotes Catholic Salesian spirituality at Visitation;
  2. Spiritual Enrichment: Provide a center of Salesian knowledge and practice to engage the community and give opportunity to study and live the Salesian charism more fully.
  3. Collaboration: Support the school in providing the best education within a Catholic- Salesian environment (mission of the school)