“To live according to the spirit is to love according to the spirit.”
– St. Francis de Sales


Saint Louis Visitation Association of Christian Faithful (ACF)

In 2003, recognizing religious vocations were declining and the laity’s increasing call to ministry, the Sisters developed the Saint Louis Visitation Association of Christian Faithful (ACF) to share their mission and help carry forward the Salesian charism. The ACF is approved by the Archbishop of St. Louis and is an established part of Catholic Church structure.

Members of the ACF are practicing Catholics who participate in Salesian formation and have an affiliation with Visitation. The ACF is composed of the Sisters, former faculty, alumnae, past and present parents, and grandparents. They are a community of servant leaders who have made long-term commitments to living a lifestyle rooted in Salesian spirituality and to serve side by side with the Visitation Sisters to continue their educational and religious ministry in the spirit of St. Francis de Sales and St. Jane de Chantal.

The ACF shares the duties of sponsorship with the Sisters as co-sponsors for Visitation Academy. They also provide ongoing Salesian programs, spiritual enrichment, and collaborative support for the Academy and the community.